List of Makeup Essentials, Must Have

Here is the list of makeup essentials, every woman must have these.

Following is the List of Makeup Essentials, which are 10 must have for every stylish woman:

  • Foundation: 

Foundation should be matching your skin, if you are unable to decide ask shop expert to help you or you can apply a small amount of foundation on your jawline. Whichever foundation is barely visible on your skin, pick that one

TIPS: First cleanse and moisturize your face and after wards you can use your fingers to apply the foundation or you can go for sponge. Ignore brushes.

  • Concealer: 

 One of the most easy way to get rid of your dark circles is to use Concealer. It miraculously fix your dark circles temporarily.
TIPS: First apply a cream, then apply the concealer on your dark circles with your ring finger. Leave it for a minute to get absorb by the skin and afterwards blend the edges carefully. 

  • Natural Blush 

The biggest difference between a correct shade and wrong shade of Blush simply can be seen as with the correct shade it seems that you are blushing and with the wrong shade it seems you are wearing blush. One should use a natural blush without shimmer.
TIPS: Try to apply the blush on apple of your cheep (the part which stick out when you smile). Use brush to swipe the excess amount of blush.

  • Mascara

Usually with the exposure to air, mascara become sticky. So avoid the air contact and if it gets thicken change it.
TIPS: Always move the mascara upwards and move its back and forth in zig zag motion to apply on every lash.

  • Eyeliner

Need to select the eyeliner very carefully because eyeliners work on your eye’s sensitive areas. So always choose a product that is soft to work on your eyes inner lash and skin. Always buy a product with ophthomologist-tested label
TIPS: Always tighten your eye lash skins so that you can easily mark the liner correctly.

  • Nude Lipstick

A natural look is always incomplete without a nude lipstick. It is one of the most important and easy to apply cosmetic.
TIPS: You can also go for some good nude lip balm and you can have natural shinny lips by applying balm onto lips at night and wake up with soft lips in the morning.

  • Eyeshadow

Always carrie the shades which are slightly darker then your skin tone. You can apply them anywhere and anytime.
TIPS: Always wear the eyeshadow near to the upper eyelash and blend the eyeshadow gently with the upper layer.

  • Brush Set:

A good brush set helps you to apply your makeup without any hassle and make your look more subtle and stylish as you want.
TIPS: Always remember to wash the brushes to avoid bacteria and fungus.

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