Bride is important, most important that evening infact, and her "make-up" makes her impression!!

Sure shot Bridal Make-up tips to enhance Bridal Beauty!

extra ordinary destinations, innovative themes and unmatched extravagance-the perfect wedding is not easy to pull off, for its,, WOMEN….WHERE IT ALL BEGINS!


#add a little water to your eye quartet and apply using a brush. this will give you a precise, sharp lines for that graphic look.

#wear bold stripes of colour, after all ur the bold bride of this bold day.

#shimmer over ur selected shades no doubt add wonders.

#draw flowers high up on your cheekbone almost touching the eye. coupled with the blush this will highlight the contours of your cheeks beautifully 


#if choosing bright shade like blood red, dont go for glossy one, will make you look like an overdone sweetbox..oops

#get done with bright white shine of theeth and those chaped lips well days befor.

#preferably, go natural.wear the satin smoothnes, apply the touch of gold only to the centre or your lips to give them depth and fullness.


# to get THAT look, start with a flawless, glowing base. blend a suitable shade of foundations maching your indian skin tone, dont go for those extra whites!

#adding the gold shine down your cheek line gives your face a cerresed perfectly moulded shape.

#dont go for orrange blushes if your a little dark, go for red or pink and dont just put it on, squeez ur cheeks in, it gives your cheeks a shape and then finish that shape with that shade. this defenatly demantly all the doubt of risk of the blush shape not going with your face!


#choose: a big voluptious maangteeka or the bindi.

#carrying a bad matching your sandals is just the way to go

#dont walk in a costume which stand complytly dramatic and contrasting to your wedding theme and decorations.


#if the purpose of genital piercing is to increase sexual pleasure, it is a futile exercise in pain with risk of infection.

#many couples use vaginal deodrants to make oral sex more comfortable, without knowing that these contain lethal disinfectants. go fo pineapples, they give the natural seductions to ur genital odour.

#its too loose, ATTACK! shrink it… ‘NO’ the tightening procedure puts you at the risk of infection, loss of sensation, adhesions and scarring.

if your marrige isnt the love of first sight, but gradual development of admiration,, make it happen all over again.. AFTER ALL ITS THE WOMEN WHERE IT ALL LIES!

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