Make Your Feet Feel Better with Coconut or Peppermint Oil Based Creams and Baths

The feet can get very sore and tired after a long day at work or a long day running errands. If you want to treat your feet, it might be time that you tried some coconut or peppermint oil based cream.

When you work eight or twelve hours a day and you are on your feet constantly, your feet tend to get tired and sore. Depending on your shoes, they may also pick up some unwanted scents and a few calluses along the way. You might not be able to find another job that doesn’t require this time on your feet but there are some ways to treat this discomfort and everything else that goes with it.

Bathing the feet in a bath infused with coconut and peppermint oils sooth the feet while taking away unwanted scents. Even ten minutes can be of great assistance to these parts of the body. The calluses might take several baths in a row to soften up but they and the rest of the body will feel better for it. If you want longer lasting effects, you can use coconut and peppermint oil based creams on the feet as well. Simply massage the cream into the skin firmly to moisturize and the better scent will follow.

There are a number of different brands for these products including Burt’s Bees, Natural Factors, amongst others. They can be found at the natural health food store and even the natural section in the local grocery store. They might cost ten dollars a product but they last for a while and they make you and your feet much happier.

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  1. ….i feel relaxed already, just imagining the added benefits of aromatherapy.

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  3. Thanks for the comments. Yes, they do really make the feet feel good!

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