Miracle Cure for the Impossible Deep Pimple/Cyst

A simple, yet cheap and effective way to draw out the pus from inside surface pimples. It even works for those deep cystlike pimples that are impossible!

Okay, now really… how many of us have battled those huge, deep, under the skin pimples that are more like a cyst or tumor than a pimple?  I for one never had any pimples until after I had children and then I became like a 15 year old with zits all over my face.  But I didn’t just get pimples, I got those deep cysts that would last for weeks and there was nothing that I could do to draw out the bacteria and pus that was stuck deep beneath my skins surface.

It was after I suffered with these zits, nonstop for 4 years, that my mom piped up and told me… “Put a bandaid on it when you go to bed and it will draw it out.”  Even as an adult I still thought my mom didn’t know what she was talking about, but the problem was so bad and I had tried everything else that I gave it a try.

When I went to bed that night I cut up a bandaid and put the adhesive portion of the bandaid directly on to my pimple after I had cleaned my face.  In the morning I was shocked when I had pulled the bandaid off and found a whitehead ready to be released.  I was joyed. 

This simple cure really does work.  If I may expand on this idea… leave the bandaid on for as long of an amount of time as possible.  Once you pull the pus up one time it doesn’t work as well the second time.  So you really want to leave that adhesive on for as long as you can so it will pull out as much as possible the first time you do it!

It’s a simple trick, but one I didn’t know about for far too long!  I use this now every time a pimple comes my way and it saves me from weeks of battling those deep, awful cystlike pimples!

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  1. I am trying this tonight. Horrible one by my eyebrow has already been there a week and is still a huge bump under the skin, with no head and no hope. I used to get cortisone shots on these suckers but once got a huge indent that took 6 months to fill in so now I am hoping above all hope the band aid is a viable alternative. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  2. Has anybody else tried this yet? Very interesting…I’m going to do this tonight

  3. Well, did it work? It seems dilly but I’m desperate

  4. I tried it on a semi popped but deep pimple on my chin, and an area on my groin with a really deep pimp, I believe the groin patch came off sometime before I went to sleep just from walking around and such, but the one on my face remained. And when I took it off it looked like it had brought a bit of clear liquid to the surface so I cleaned it off with some water and used some salicylic acid acne gel from clean and clear (advantage acne spot treatment) and am currently awaiting results. Acne is gay.

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