Natural Makeup From Fruit and Plant Extracts

Makeup, as it is manufactured on the commercial level, is full of chemicals that are straight out of a lab. It may or may not have been tested on animals for toxicity and potential damage to the skin and other body systems. Now there is an alternative to what you put on your body.

For many women, morning time is a ritual of makeup application. We put foundation or liquid makeup on our face, along with eyebrow pencil, eyelash thickener, eyeliner, blush, lipstick and sometimes eyeshadow or other items. Our face is, therefore, effectively covered in chemicals. Are these chemicals safe for us to put on our skin? Who knows. The testing done on animals says it is. 

While this is not an article on animal rights, there are some women (and men) who object strongly to any product being tested on animals by corporations that make any product. But they (we) continue to buy their products, and that is what keeps them in business, and keeps them testing new products on more animals. That is a deal breaker for many consumers, who choose to purchase products that do not need to be tested on animals, because there is nothing in the ingredients that would warrant that testing.

For those of you who would really like to find makeup products that are natural, and that do not contain chemicals and toxins from a laboratory, there is a wonderful company that manufactures these, and it can be found at

The move to natural makeup can be seen at other websites, also, so it pays to do a search for it, to learn about new products.

They make almost every kind of makeup. Beautiful blushes, lipstick, foundations and powders, eyeliner, eye shadow, and the list goes on. They have an extensive line of all kinds of beauty products that are really worth looking at. They produce creams and salves, as well as natural soaps, bathing and shaving products.

These are hard to find. Many natural health food stores do not carry these, in this variety or quality. The local health food store in the author’s area discontinued all makeup products, when asked about a natural foundation makeup. I was disappointed to know that other factors had apparently dictated the discontinued items, when there is a real need for more natural products.

It is really important for all of us to remember that anything put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. We sometimes forget that, as we dip our hands into toxic chemicals, or put products on our bodies that go right into our systems. For people who do this every day, there is bound to be a chemical buildup in the body that cannot be good for us. We often do this right after a hot bath or shower, when our pores are wide open, and are absorbing most of everything at that point.

It was published not long ago that chemists produce approximately 100 new chemicals a month. Some of these are so toxic that they can never be used, but others go on to be FDA approved for everything from food additives to skin creams, fabric preservers, and any number of commercial applications. One just has to wonder about the chemical soup we are covered in. Makeup, a deliberate application, does not need to be one of them any more. 

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  4. You’re absolutely right, just reading the ingredients on packaging should make us think.

  5. I stopped using some of those “chemicals”. My skin actually feel & looks better without them.

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