Newest Eyeshadow Trend

Do you know what’s the newest eyeshadow trend for this spring? Megan Fox and Elizabeth Olsen, do!

Megan Fox, Elizabeth Olsen, Zooey Deschanel and many others have been seen wearing this eyeshadow both on the red carped and off. So… What is it?

It’s a rose gold shade. It’s all the rave lately.

No matter if it’s day time or night time – rose gold is the way to go.

Pair with bronzer instead of blush and wear a natural (but not nude!) lipcolor. Smudge brown eyeliner on top and bottom lashes for a shimmery smokey eye efect. Bear in mind that the darker the eyeliner, the more dramatic the look. That’s why if it’s a look for the day time, you should wear a lighter brown. 

For a night time look, go full on black cat liner on the top lashes – there aren’t many sexier things out there.

Now go and rock this spring look! It suits every single skin color out there

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