Perfect Eye Makeup Tricks for Sultry Blue Eyes

If you have stunning blue eyes like Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara you simply need to choose the right eye make up to turn into a fun, flirty or steamy girl in your block.

Here are some of the best makeup tips for gorgeous blue eyes:

Keep your makeup minimal: Light lip colors and neutral blush will draw more attention to your blue eyes.

English: Makeup before attendance. Српски / Srpski: Шминкање пред наступ. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Know the color level of your blue eyes: Gray-blue eyes need soft-colored shades that will not overpower its light shade. Light blue eyes can also be highlighted by soft eye makeup in the mid-color range. But, if you want a darker shade use it only on the crease areas so as not to overpower your eye color. Mid-level blue eyes can look sensual with shades of blue, silvers or grays coupled with a white or pink highlighter. You can also choose from dark eyeshades to line you eyes like bronze, dark peach, or deep violet. You may also experiment from light to midrange shades. Deep dark blue eyes will be sexier with darker shades highlighted with the lightest eye shadows. Silver, copper and bronze can also give you a sexy summer look. If you are not sure of your eye level, simply pick violet, rose or brown shades to pop your blue eyes. For sparkling eyes pick shades that looks darker than your blue eyes. 

Don’t use black eyeliner: It overpowers your blue eyes. Pick medium or dark brown or grey eyeliner instead. 

Opt for Brown mascara: It will brighten and open your blue eyes without taking the attention away from your natural eye color. 

Play safe with universal colors depending on your skin tone: If you have a dark or tan skin tone bronze eye shadows can give your eyes a sexy finish. Light copper is also hot for any skin tone. For evening wears, metallic eye makeup can give you a bolder look.

There are also eye combinations especially formulated by some cosmetic brands for people with blue eyes. You can also experiment on different shades based on your preferences. Remember, that being sexy is also a state of mind.

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