Princess Diana’s Skin Secrets

Diana had a beautiful, but sensitive skin.

she maintained it following the basic skin care routine of CTM
(Cleansing-Toning & Moisturizing)

Princess Diana’s Beauty Secrets



·        She would wash her face with a plain Glycerine Soap, and after washing she would scrub her face well.

 ·        Then she would apply a toning lotion made of rosewater and glycerine.

 ·        She also would prepare a Pre-moisturizing mix with one drop of rose oil and 2 drops of geranium oil. Her preferred moisturizer was Guerlain moisturizer.

 Body Lotion: She used Johnson & Johnson body lotions and Vaseline.

And she used an electric sun-bed at home to tan her skin at least three times a week.

 Her Face Packs:

She used her kitchen, as her laboratory to create natural and healthy facial masks.

After wearing make up all day long, to soothe and refresh her tiring skin for a cleaner and softer face, she would mash an avocado, with egg white, lemon juice and honey in a blender and would apply as a face mask for 40 mins with 2 slices of cucumber on her eyes.

Sometimes she would individually apply just a mashed avocado or just whipped egg white as a facial mask.

 After applying these natural masks on her face, Diana would wash it with warm then with cold water for good results.

 Zit a Zap!

Whenever Di noticed a spot on her face, she dabbed it with witch hazel or she would steam her face with water adding 2 tspns of sea salt in it.

 Also,she beleived in a secret to maintain her health,if inclined  to read on it,then click on the following link:


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