Removing a Mole

A description of ways to remove a mole without seeing a professional. These succesful, and popular methods are not only natural but will save money by not spending it on an expensive professional to do the job for you.

            Moles, an unwanted skin blemish, can be a nuisance for many, for various reasons. Moles can appear on any part of one’s body, but that does not mean that the mole has to stay there on the skin. There are numerous ways to remove a mole and important steps that must be taken in order to successfully remove a mole.


            The mole can be removed professionally, but it is often a very expensive procedure, especially when a mole can be removed with natural methods, which are cheaper.


            The first important step to getting rid of a mole by means of natural methods is to, before anything else is done, take a good look at the mole. That is right, spend some time and analyze your mole. Figure out what color it is and its size. The reason for this is that some moles must be removed professionally. If you can determine that the mole does not have to be removed professionally, which many do not, then you can proceed to use the natural methods listed below. If you cannot come to a conclusion or would like a second opinion then consult a dermatologist in your area for a second opinion.


            The second task is to choose a method in which your mole can be removed. Some of the most effective methods in removing moles are the use of cider vinegar, cauliflower, castor oil, honey, garlic and fig stem.


Honey             Apply the honey directly on the mole. The honey should be removed and placed back on, on a daily basis. Honey is the best option to choose if the mole is a facial one.


            Castor Oil       Castor Oil should be gently applied onto the mole on the skin for several days. By using this method the mole will weaken and disappear with time.


            Fig Stems        Take the fig stems and make a juice out of them. The juice should be applied every day until the mole disappears.   


 Pineapple      If you choose pineapple it is important that you make a daily dose of fresh pineapple juice. This fresh pineapple juice must be applied onto the mole daily until the color of the mole weakens and then disappears.


Cider Vinegar            The following steps for the use of Cider Vinegar must be done five to six times a day. The mole is to be first washed with hot water. Then when the skin is dry, using a cotton swab apply cider vinegar onto the mole. The cider vinegar should be left n the mole for ten minutes. After ten minutes have passed rinse the cider vinegar off with cold water.


Cauliflower     If you like cauliflower, make a juice from a cauliflower in a blender. The cauliflower juice should be applied onto the mole daily until the skin is peeling off naturally.


Garlic              Prepare a paste by grinding several garlic pieces. The garlic paste should be applied nightly onto the mole and then cover the mole with a bandage. Once morning arrives remove the bandage. Repeat this process every morning and evening   


Only one of these methods should be used at a time to ultimately get rid of the mole. Using more than one method at a time will not affect the rate in which you can get rid of the mole. Also be sure to choose a method that you feel comfortable using. The use of these natural methods are some of the most successful and popular means of removing a mole, at a cheap cost without going to a professional.




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