Rimmel Soft Cream Blush: Review

I tried out a cream blush for fun and here’s what I found out.

I bought the Rimmel Soft Cream Blush a while ago because I wanted to try out a new blush. It really is quite wonderful because it is a cream blush and I’ve always wanted to try one out. The concept of this a cream blush is pretty simple, dab a little of it on your finger and massage it into you face (usually on the apples of you cheeks, which you find when you smile). I found that I didn’t need to use very much blush when I used it since it’s very concentrated. The main problem that I had was that I could not spread it out into my skin very well. It would tend to stay in the same spot and did not look very natural. I would have to use more blush and then my cheeks would look extremely pink. The blush would have worked if I wanted to have bright cheeks but I normally like to have a hint of colour on my cheeks. The product seemed to suit something more like stage make up where you need lots for a big effect for the audience to see it

Another problem that I had with the Rimmel Soft Cream Blush was that the container it came in would not stay closed. I would leave it in makeup bag because it was small enough. Then I would open the bag and discover that it had opened up. It would get all over my makeup bag and my other makeup products. I was not very happy about that and make sure it’s always in a safe area so it won’t make more of a mess.

The good thing is that this makeup product is pretty cheap. I think it was around $5 and it’s a cute little size so it’s easy to carry around. Just make sure that you put it in a secure place where it won’t open and make a big mess. I’m glad I tried the product out but I’m going to stick to using powder blush because I find it’s easier to work with. 

Liked it
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