Not often do we hear or read a text on the subject of recovery via a completely
unorthodox route.

Not often do we hear or read a text on the subject of recovery via a completely unorthodox route. Well, here it is — a true directive to which a small percentage of people might lend credence. You can faithfully chart your own recovery by adhering to certain rituals that provide a route to healing, long before the advent of medical science, since the beginning of time. Testimonies, recorded biblically and psychologically through the ages, amply provide us with bits and pieces of anecdotes and events that confirm the potentiality of making connections via rituals, such as humanity with divinity, the positive effect of spiritual exercises of the mind and body, as reflected in our supplications, faith, as well as the benefits derived from the elements of Nature.

If we pause and think as to what exacerbates our problems, we should come to terms with the fact that, most of the time, our disconnection and isolation from our fellow human beings might be causing to amplify our problems. There is a whole lot of truth in certain rituals that we ignore, many of which are known by anthropologists, healers and spiritual leaders since time immemorial.  

Think about this:  Rituals are like placebos. They work not because of their inherent, physical benefits alone, but also because we believe that they really could.  Another important aspect that could help us to recover from certain problems is positive thinking. When we start to think negatively, even when we are administered a potent drug, the result might be disappointing. When a doctor prescribes a medication to heal our problem, his first impulse touches, not only on its efficacy, but on his hope that his confidence in such a prescription would prevail in consonance with his feelings.

In ancient times, and long before the Age of Enlightenment, science, as we are witnessing in this day and age,  was hidden in the dark recesses of history; yet it was Nature that provided herbs, plants and even the barks of trees in the way of healing the sick. In biblical times, spiritual healing and the exercise of implicit faith, buttressed by the belief in divine intervention, were the prescriptions that somehow worked miraculously for those in dire need.

Medical doctors never tell you that they, too, somehow attach credence to certain rituals. Nature has provided the herbs that could be traced to trees from which such herbs are extracted. The drugs that are used to compound almost a hundred percent of the medications prescribed do originate in Nature’s sprawling wonderlands, all of which owe their existence to rituals that date back to past ages when science and modern medicines were locked in utter obscurity.

Another well-known ritual is yoga. To this day and age, this particular spiritual and mental exercise continues to remain enshrined in the ideology of a civilization that began with the enlightenment that man alone could  not survive with merely his body, without the help of the mind and spirit that moves it.   

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  1. The title of this article has been changed to “Rituals.” The cagtegory should be under “Health.” Please fix accordingly. Thank you.

  2. Curious, why “Rituals” since the only one mentioned is “Yoga?”

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