Smokey Eyes Look Wonderful Way

Smokey Eyes look wonderful way.

Increasingly popular smokey eyes make-up of women. But perfect to get the smokey eyes makeup turned out to need a trick. One-one can look at your makeup like a black eye or sleepy. Some tips that you use to can produce the perfect smoky eyes are the following:

1. Sprinkle talcum powder
Use a brush to apply eye shadow is in the eye. Powder eye shadow is to keep the key of irregular shape, and help eyeshadow last longer.

Apply powder eye shadow or eyeliner before use. Sprinkle on to cover the eyelid along the lines of the eyebrows and eyelashes, and also at the bottom of the eye where the eyeliner will be glossed over. For simplicity, use the liner brush to brush the powder in this area.

2. Eyeshadow
Smokey Eyes is not on the use of dark colors and shadows to create limits on the eyes. But to accentuate the shape, a thin shadow comes on the eye near the tip of the forehead. Limited staining in the crease of the eye, and put faded colors near the upper edge of the eye.

3. Choose a waterproof
If you should choose the eyeliner waterproof make-up is easy to wear off with sweat and dust exposure. After use of the powder, apply a waterproof eyeliner was slowly along the line of the eye. Enter the smaller a little more eye-line, or the so-called tail of the eyes, the eyes. Then, just a thin eyeliner brush the sealer on the eyeliner. This seal is working to “close” and set the shadow eyeliner to make it look more shiny, sparkling with glitter and much more.

4. Mascara
Finally, a more beautiful eyes, mascara on it. We recommend using a waterproof too quickly so as not to fade.

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