Summer Tips

Tips for skin and hair care in summer.

        This is very important to care our body in different season. Every season has its own benefit as well as some drawback. Especially in summer sunlight is more effective to our skin. It may burn skin. Sometime people can suffer from sun heat. Summer is the beautiful season to enjoy cold ice cream, cold drinks and night walking on the road. It is season when flowers have spring and birds are happy. It is sure that if we don’t care it may harmful to our body and skin. You have to keep drinking water in summer. Water is only solution to take care of skin. Other things to care in summer are skin care, body odor and some other tips for health should be follow to keep our self healthy.

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         We should cover over hands and face while going out in sun light. Apply some sun creams, which are available in market. It helps you to keep moisture of skin and protect from sunlight. Always prefer water-based moisturizer. You can use some rose flower water to refresh your face.

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   Make a habit of wash you face with water whenever you fill hot. It removes some dust from your face and keeps clean skin.

 Some tips for hair care.

  •  Avoid exposure of the hair.
  •  If you have to stay in sunlight wear cap, hat or scarf.
  •  Don’t wash your hair with hot water.
  •  Shampoo your hair daily.
  •  After wash hair  use condition.
  •  Tie your hair. Try to trim hair.
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