Teething Baby, Meet Xylogel

How natural teething oral gel Xylogel helped turn what started as a teething nightmare for me and my baby daughter into a manageable, almost fun, experience.

Teething Woes

As a parent, it is a truly wonderful experience to be able to watch your child’s growth and development, one of which is saying hello to baby’s first tooth. Some moms and dads are lucky to have babies who have no problems with teething. But if you, like me, belong on the other side of the fence, the experience turns bittersweet.

My son was a bit lucky with his teething experience. He would get the occasional mild fever, slight irritability, and minor teething pain. But that was it, and it came far and few in between. We already had a weapon in our arsenal, but we hadn’t realized yet how powerful it was because we didn’t get to use it enough.

My daughter, on the other hand, had it worse. She had not one, but two, teeth coming out at almost the same time which I magine would have made the pain twice as much: a molar and a canine. Aside from the pain, she had moderate to high fever, loose stools, and was very irritable. Her loose stools had her bottom red and sensitive due to frequent washing. She lost her appetite, which made her lose weight. Her condition took a toll on her immune system, because she caught a cold and alternating clogged and runny nose before we could say “twenty-four hours”, which aggravated the pain and discomfort that she was feeling. Do you see the domino effect at play here?

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Meet Xylogel

I felt helpless as I hugged and carried my baby. Or so I thought. Thankfully, my wife remembered that we still had some Xylogel tucked inside the refrigerator. After thoroughly washing my hands, I proceeded to apply a pea-sized helping of Xylogel to the inflamed areas of my baby’s gum (we could see these were slightly white, which means the teeth will be breaking out soon). She cried and bit me due to the initial shock of cold inside her mouth. But lo and behold! A few minutes later, she was dancing along with Dora and Boots, and drifted off to sleep in less than an hour, without the crying fits that she had less than two days before.

Xylogel Up Close

I was amazed at how effective Xylogel was with easing my little girl’s teething pain. What makes it potent is it’s active ingredient, Xylitol, known to (from Wikipedia) ”attract and then starve harmful microorganisms.” The official page for Xylogel states this as its product description: “A bubble-gum flavored natural teething oral gel with 5 % xylitol.”

Further online searches brought me to, where I found that aside from providing relief for teething pain, Xylogel also:

  • heals inflamed gums, mouth sores & lip sores, gingivitis, & canker sores
  • prevents dental caries (caused by S. mutans)
  • prevents otitis media

Xylogel is a product of PediaPharma, Inc. It can be bought without prescription at your local pharmacy or drugstore. If Xylogel is not available at your local pharmacy, try asking for similar teething oral gel or ointments with Xylitol and have your pharmacist confirm of its efficacy in teething pain relief.

Bye-bye, Pain

Using Xylogel really improved my little girl’s overall condition. She started eating again, is crying less often, and her fever is subsiding. She still has loose stools, although it’s not as bad as before (Some swear that their tots get loose stools when they’re teething, but this is still something that I need to confirm with my doctor). Her teeth still haven’t fully come out, but it appears we have weathered the storm. There are still a lot of milk teeth coming for my baby daughter, but we know what we need in order to deal with them now: Xylogel.

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