The 10 Best Things You Can Do for Your Skin

The secret of healthy skin.

1. If you smoke, try to quit. If you don’t smoke, give your self a gold star. Studies have shown that people who smoke have deeper and sharper wrinkles at the outer corners of their eyes (crow’s feet) and that the skin on the backs of their necks takes on a cobblestone appearance. Smokers’ skin also tends to be pale and sallow rather than pink and rosy. And apparently, smoking makes your skin more vulnerable to sun-induced damage. So, if you quit smoking today, you can stop wrinkles in their tracks.

2. If you exercise hard enough to work up a sweat, remove your foundation or make-up so perspiration doesn’t have to fight its way out of your pores.

3. Use moisturizers and foundation make-ups that contain sunscreen. Unquestionably, women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who’ve use sunscreens look years younger than those who don’t.

4. Choose skin care products according to your skin type. For example, using an oil-based make-up instead of a water-based product on oily skin can promote blackheads. using an alcohol-based astringent on dry skin can dry your face even more.

5. Use cotton swabs and cleanser to wipe away smudges around your eyes. Tissues and paper towels are too coarse and will stretch fragile skin, exaggerating lines or crepeyness.

6. Turn down the heat and turn down the humidifier. A cool moist environment –50 to 60 percent humidity—is most comfortable for your skin.In winter, skin exposed to superheated indoor air and chilling winds can lose water up to 140 times as fast as it does in humid weather, leaving it dry and parched.

7. Pick a weight that suits you best and stick to it. Crash dieting or yo-yo fluctuations in weight—losing and gaining 20 0r 30 pounds again and again—stretch your tissues, leaving your skin saggy and wrinkled.

8. Keep a comfortable distance from heat sources like open fireplaces and wood stoves, and never use sun reflector to spend up your tan. heat amplifies damage from the environment.

9. Never go to sleep at night without removing every trace of make-up–except maybe on New Year’s Eve. Habitually sleeping with a layer of dirt, debris and dead skin cells stuck to your face will leave your complexion looking muddy and dull.

9. Change your moisturizer with the seasons. In winter, when your skin is apt to be exposed to dry air, you need a creamier moisturizer. In warm weather, used a lighter-textured lotion that vanishes into the skin and allows it to breath.

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