The Benefits of Being Ugly

In this image obsessed world we live in, some of us can become too hung up on our looks. Not the pick of the bunch? Turns out it this may be a blessing in disguise.

Spend too long in front of the mirror? worry about how your hair is sitting? too fat / too skinny? I find I tend to worry too much about my looks and I think most others do as well. This is no doubt a by-product of the cultural environment we find ourselves in, constantly bombarded by the media with unrealistic examples of how we “should look.” If you’re not in that small percentage of naturally good looking people, don’t stress, here are a few positive factors about being average looking that we rarely here about.

1. Things aren’t handed to you easily. You have to work for compliments and achievements, because you won’t have to worry about the opposite sex trying to butter you up at every available opportunity. And yes this is a positive, it means you won’t be a douchebag that takes things for granted, you’ll be an appreciative and humble human being. 

2. Your romantic relationships will more likely be built on actual connection, rather than pure sexual chemistry. I know, not as exciting, but you will have a more meaningful time with that special someone, as opposed to being with another just for shallow reasons that will ultimately lead to an unfufilling, empty relationship.

3. You will generally be a more interesting person. You will have probably faced more adversity in your life, giving more depth and maturity to your personality.

4. Although promiscuity isn’t neccessarily correlated to good looks, chances are if you’re an average looking person compared to a very attractive one, you’re probably have a lot less casual sex = less chance of having a sexually transmitted disease! hooray!

5. There’s not as much pressure for you to be constantly good looking. Have you noticed when a usually very attractive guy/girl has a bad hair day or maybe gains weight – everyone gossips and judges! You won’t have to worry about this, as you’re not always the centre of attention, so relax!

6. You can grow old gracefully, without having to worry about things like plastic surgery and expensive beauty products that celebrities often resort to in an attempt be forever young. Often middle age is a blossoming period for people who were a bit funny looking in their youth!

7. If you do hook up with / snag a very attractive person, you’ve achieved something! people you barely know will be congratulating you on your efforts of “punching above your weight.”

So a friendly wave and smile to my fellow normal looking peeps! it ain’t so bad being average looking after all :) feel free to post more positive aspects about not looking as good as Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie.

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