THE Best About Makeup

The good side why makeup is necessary to use.

Cosmetics are the substances used to enhance one’s appearance. This includes facial creams, body lotions, face powder, makeups, nail polish, contact lens and more. We, or some others, (women) have our own personal reasons why we’re wearing makeup. I personally wear make up too, yet, I still asked some of my friends their reasons for wearing it.

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FOR CELEBRITY, public figures wear make up so they don’t look plain in the camera. It gains self-confident and self-esteem. Surely, they want to look good when the whole universe is watching them on TV or in print ad.For actors and actresses, makeup helps them portray the role their playing.

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FOR CAREER WOMAN, according to study, women feel more confident when wearing makeup. Aside from being presentable, neat, good looking, they also gain respect from co-workers, but obviously not the Lady Gaga look alike. Makeup increases the woman’s attractiveness when applied in a proper way.

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FOR SOCIALIZING, when attending big events like company anniversaries, family gatherings, birthdays and weddings or meeting some close friends for lunch or dinner. We want to be recognized looking young and not as if we own all the  problems in the world.

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FOR FASHION, we want to be distinctive from the others, so we want to follow the latest trends and fashions. Obviously, we also don’t want to feel left alone while the rest of the crowds have colored eyelids.

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FOR ENTERTAINING, either for parties, concerts, parades, comedy or magic shows, entertainers wear makeup to make them more alive. Makeup helps the crowd to recognize them even before the show started.

So what’s your reason for wearing makeup?

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  1. I love reading about makeup and cosmetics, but guess what? I do not wear, nor ever have worn cosmetics. I feel what is in the person’s inside is what counts the most. If a person does not like me for not wearing makeup, I do not consider that person worthy enough to be a friend.

  2. I wear make up seldomly, but when I do it is because I feel pretty and want to add to the feeling….

  3. nice share

  4. I like make up. Thanks for the share.:-)

  5. Great beauty tips!

  6. well done and illustrated

  7. Great images included in this informative article.

  8. Lovely article.

  9. Many even wear it all the time great article

  10. Nice I like it

  11. thank you so much for reading my article, I love to read your comments.

  12. I use natural make-up not only to look my best, but also to protect my skin. Informative and well written piece. Thanks for sharing this.

    For more about natural make-up visit:

  13. I use make up too. I don’t like having oily skin especially that our country is a tropical one.

  14. I wear makeup to feel pretty. I don’t wear too much. I use it to enhance features I want to bring out. Once and a while I go crazy and really vamp it up for a night on the town!

  15. thanks guys for all comments :)

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