The Do’s and Don’t’s of Face Exfoliation

This article will concentrate on the benefits of exfoliation but also the negative aspects of exfoliating and the impact it can have on skin.

In hindsight exfoliation is a process to remove dead skin cells on the outer surface of the skin, therefore allowing the skin to be maintained. Exfoliation has shown to decrease levels of acne and pimples on the face and also allows much younger looking skin.

Here are the do’s and don’t’s of exfoliation: 


  • Exfoliate once a week or at the most twice a week, this is enough times to remove dead skin cells without being to harsh.
  • Use a natural scrub to exfoliate because less chemicals and preservatives are added therefore more safe for your skin.
  • Can use an electrical exfoliator such as the Clarasonic, but make sure you clean the appliance properly and again do not use everyday.


  • Don’t exfoliate everyday, as this can be extremely harsh for your skin
  • Don’t use a harsh toner after exfoliation as this also acts as an exfoliator therefore stripping another surface of the skin which can cause redness
  • Don’t use many different types if exfoliators, stick to one which suits your skin

A cheap and natural alternative to a shop bought exfoliator can be found right in your kitchen cupboard.

Here is a homemade scrub which is natural and very effective.

For this scrub you will need:

  • Honey – 2 tablespoons

Honey is initially very good for your skin as it is a natural moisturiser and has the ability to attract water therefore very hydrating for the skin.

  • Granulated Sugar – 2-3 teaspoons

Granulated sugar acts as the scrub and this will allow all the dead skin cells to be removed from the outer surface of your skin.

  • Olive Oil – 2 tablespoons

Olive oil is a natural form of moisturiser this will therefore moisturise your skin and keep it moisturise for the majority of the day therefore not allowing the skin to dry.

Exfoliation is initially more necessary for those who suffer from dry skin because this will allow the outer dry skin to be removed therefore making the skin more soft and supple. And if exfoliated correctly this can prove to be very healthy and beneficial for your skin.

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