THE Tale of Love AND Beauty

This essay attempts to describe the relationship between love and beauty. Beauty that lies within and without.

Many times we have heard of the many phrases that attempt to describe beauty; beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, beauty is skin deep, every woman is beautiful and so on. Yes, beauty is a very engaging topic and will continue to occupy peoples minds.  But if asked, what beauty is, will you attempt to explain that it is the fairness of appearance or that it is the purity of heart?  Or is it more proper to say that beauty combines both the superficial and the core? Well, according to me, beauty is a matter of personal opinion.  I will indulge into the beauty that meets the eyes, turns heads over heels and cause accidents to happen.

Appearance is something everyone (men and women included) will strive to make perfect; if at all that is possible. Everybody is always on the move to make the best visual impression on others.  That is why the cosmetic industry is one the most successful industries.  From things to do with the face to the hair to the legs, all parts (and I stress on the word all) are catered for.  Nowadays you can change the colour of your hair just the way you want it and it can be done as frequently as desired.  It even seems that having natural hair is slowly becoming abstract!  And every woman is competing to be the fairest of all, and I mean fair in skin.  Those who have dark skin bleach themselves.  And there is also the weight issue.  Personally, I am totally supportive of those who would want to lose some weight because it is healthier and cheaper and even much more fulfilling.  And thus women are inspired to lose weight when they see slim; actually skinny models gracing the cover of fashion magazines.  So, my question is, is all this worth it?  Especially if it is only done for the sake of appearance and not health.

Though many might find my question rather absurd, I will ask it.  Is is necessary to be beautiful of handsome just to attract others?  I am not against this attributes, just that a certain reality dawned on me.  Let me start with the ladies.  A beautiful woman is craved for by many men.  Who wouldn’t want a curvaceous girl by his side? She will always be surrounded by suitors who may have unfortunately confused love and lust and yet claimed to have fallen in love with her.  And this is where the bad luck lies; the search for true love.  It is very hard for a beautiful girl to find lovers who truly love her back.  And in the event that she gets a guy that claims to do so, he finally wakes up from his fantasies and reveries when the beauty he fell in love with begins to fade.

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