Three Common Questions About Breast Hair

The three common questions about the strands sprouting on your set.

How much hair is normal?

Almost all women have some degree of breast fuzz-from a few stray strands surrounding their areola to several long hairs on their breast or between their boobs. Booth amounts are within the normal range. It can be light and fine, like peach fuzz, or black and coarse, like pubic hair.

How do I get rid of it?

Tweezing is your best bet. Disinfect the tweezers with alcohol, pluck each hair, then wipe your skin with alcohol or an antibacterial lotion to avoid infection. You won’t see re-growth for at least a week or two. If you’re plagued by lots of hair, try depilatory for sensitive skin; you’ll be hair free for about a week. But skip waxing-the delicate skin on your set burns easily. And shaving can result in ingrown hairs.

You’ve noticed a lot more hair than usual. Why?

Some women see an increase I nipple hair when they’re pregnant. But if there’s no bun in your oven, a dramatic boost in fuzz is probably a sign of a hormonal imbalance (which can usually be treated with prescription medicine.) check in with your gyne or ask her for a referral to an endocrinologist.

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  1. Great post as always..a very interesting read and highly informative article..I liked it..Thanks for sharing.

  2. A must read for women but an eye opener for males.

  3. Nice post Cutest. Thank you.

  4. Seems like hair has become the enemy in so many ways. I liked the way this made me feel less of that. Nature seems to be what we fight against many times.

  5. lol chicks have hair on their boobs, thats weird, i dident know that

  6. A formal girlfriend of mine had a few hairs growing around the edge of her areolas. That didn’t bother her, cause her mom and sister had those. What bothered and made her more sexy to me was that she had 3 nipples. The extra was on her left breast. She was only one in her family like that.
    Take Care, DreamSweet and let Your Heart Shine
    ~ milty

  7. Beauty is so hard to maintain- waxing, plucking, painting, glossing, hot oil treatments- and now? Ripping out the breast hairs.
    Sigh…pass the tweezers…

    Great article, Princess. No one else would have thought of it!

  8. That was very interesting, now I must go and check this out, and if there is hair, plucking I will go.

  9. Good and interesting info.

  10. well, it may be a kind of funny about commenting on breast hair article but never the less it was helpful.

  11. lol milty, you would have a girlfriend like that

  12. Great article! Thanks for making me aware! I had NO idea a person can get hair on their breasts……is it a certain age? I never noticed any on mine and just took a trip to the mirror and am hair free on the breasts.
    Thanks for writing such great informative articles!!! I love learning new things!

  13. thank god mine r small ones

  14. hmmm..i’m not aware of that but it’s cool..informative indeed:)

  15. i jacked off to this

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