Tips for Make Up Summer

Follow our tips to create a perfect and natural make-up, but still chic to your summer.

Follow our tips to create a perfect and natural make-up, but still chic to your summer.

It must be said that women do not always like to wear makeup. This is a truth, about, absolutely, in fact is a bit ‘for all and is especially true in the summer. There are some women who do not give anything to the mascara, lipstick others that do not feel lost, others play a bit ‘with the earth enlightening and a bit’ with the eyeliner, but it’s really hard to lose a lot of time makeup in summer.

But who said that you can not fix with a few simple moves and especially few products? We all know that every good trick is to start from a good base, foundation, concealer, powder, illuminating … so many, many products just to make us even more beautiful. And if we do not want to? In summer it is the case to the skin to breathe a bit ‘more than usual but there are some products that are used as they should, and are essential for a correct make-up nice and even seductive. Here are our tips to create a beautiful makeup summer.

Dear Readers, our primary advice is go all eyes. Certainly play eyeshadows, pencil and brushes can be a practice a bit ‘long and in fact our advice is: accentuate the eyes with a good mascara. How about trying the mascara by Lancôme Hypnôse Star? Will make the eyes of a real doe! A little ‘flash powder and a hint of gloss completed a perfect look for the day and, with a little’ of eyeliner, you will be perfect in the evening.

The gloss natural, maybe a little ’shiny, it’s perfect for every occasion, but to create an alternative look, change the color of your mascara. Comb lashes, lengthening them to the maximum, with a mascara electric blue or deep purple and you will see results!

If you want to focus on a bright color, especially if you have eyes and light hair, play with color on lips and cheeks. In order to produce a pink make-up choose a blush pink and cream, please, little-apply, this will avoid the effect Heidi! On the lips, however, charge a bit ‘more! Roll out a nice pink lipstick such as Shiseido, the Shimmering Rouge. Slightly combed the lashes with mascara and you prontissime!

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