Treat Dry and Brittle Hair with Lifestyle Changes

Dry and brittle hair can seem lifeless and create styling nightmares. Create healthier conditions for your hair by making a few lifestyle changes.

Add new life to your dry hair by kicking a few habits that keep it frail and brittle. A few of the tips below can help restore your hair to healthier condition and avoid further damage.

Moisturize Your Hair

Investing in quality moisturizing shampoos and conditioners is worth the money, since cheap or generic versions may be doing more damage to your hair. Make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly after washing — using a final rinse, like a cup of vinegar mixed with water, can help wash any residue free before drying.

Avoid Extra Chemicals

Hair gels, hair sprays, and styling products aren’t helping your hair’s condition. Suspend use for a little while and give your hair a much-deserved natural break. If you must style your hair, trying using some old-fashioned styling tips, like braiding or bobby-pin curls instead of heat and hairspray.

Use Combs, Not Brushes

If your damaged hair breaks under pressure, avoid using a hairbrush and switch to a comb. Soft bristles or rough strokes may snap frail strands or create a “frizzy” effect in dry hair. Use a comb for styling and slowly pull apart the damaged sections to smooth and separate hair.

Trim the Damaged Ends

Us a pair of scissors to snip off the most damaged parts of your hair. Even if it means cutting your hairstyle a few inches shorter than you prefer, it’s worth it to eliminate the damage that’s holding back your hair’s growth.

Give your hair time to recover and a little help, and you should see results. Healthy, shiny hair takes patience, practice, and effort.

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