Ways to Cure Pimples

Are you facing serious skin problems in the form of pimples? Then, here are few remedies or ways to reduce pimples and bring new look onto your face. Of course, these remedies will help some people and may not help everyone. However, the intensity with which you suffer from pimples will be reduced.


With the below mentioned, you can reduce pimples on your skin.

·         Groundnut Oil

·         Toothpaste

·         Honey

·         Raw papaya

·         Raw Potato

·         Cloves

·         Zinc

·         Diet

Groundnut Oil:

All you require is groundnut oil and fresh lemon juice for treating pimples. You need to mix 1 tablespoon of oil for 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. This will help to remove pimples and blackheads.


This is the best remedy if you want your pimples to dry overnight. Apply toothpaste over your pimples. This will help to dry it. Make sure the toothpaste suits you by testing first. If it causes any irritation, then opt for calamine lotion. This will have same drying effect on your skin.


Any skin problem can be cured easily with honey. It will help in removing pimples and acne. Honey has the nature to kill bacteria, which will leave your skin free from pimples.

Raw Papaya:

Just like honey, this is another effective way of treating pimples at home by preparing raw papaya juice. You must use raw papaya juice on pimples to yield best results.

Raw Potato:

Making use of raw potato can cure your skin from pimples. It helps in removing scars and blemishes.

·         Here are few steps that you need to follow to use:

o   Take raw potato, peel and grate it

o   Make use of muslin piece wherein the grated potato should be placed

o   Make it a pad kind of structure by putting all your strength to tie it tight

How to Use:

·         You must use the pad prepared to rub all over your face in circular motion for about 5 minutes of time span and wash off your face.

You can even use potato slices on your face to rub off. This will serve the same purpose too.



·         Make use of pods of cloves.

·         Roast and dry them using pan.

·         Later on, powder the cloves and add curd to it making it a mixture, like a paste.

How to Use:

o   Use this paste on the pimples and dry it off.

o   Later, wash your face.

o   This is very suitable and helpful for those who get pimples frequently and for oily skin.


Zinc is another way to prevent from acne and pimples problems. The usage of Zinc depends on the intensity of your skin problem. Usually make use of 50mg daily for a month to reduce pimples. Later on, based on the improvement and intensity, you can reduce or increase dosage.


To remove or prevent pimples, we can take certain necessary precautions well in advance such as:

o   Drink lots of water

o   Eat food that contains more of cheese, yoghurt and fish

o   Vegetables and fruit juices will help to remove pimples

o   Packs like cucumber or any other vegetable and fruit packs can be applied

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