Ways to Make Yourself More Beautiful

Here is an article with three beauty tips that might reach out to somebody.

Do you want to look more beautiful than you usually are? There is always ways to improve your looks. Woman’s world tells us these beauty tips.

Did you ever go to a party and you are not a smoker, but a lot of people are smoking around you. When you get home your hair has a whiff of second hand smoke odor. How do you get rid of this smell? Celebrity Hair stylist, Kyra Dorman said use fabric softener sheet and explained how to use it for maximum benefit, “Just wrap and pull the sheet over small sections in hair .With each pass, the sheets fresh smelling oils neutralize any scent your hair may pick up- plus leaves your hair super soft.”

Do you want to make your eyelashes look extra long for a hot date? There is a tip that can help you with it, celebrity makeup artiist Mally Roncal gives us these tips, “Instead of pulling the mascara wand outward toward the temples. I pull the wand inward to the inside of the nose. This inward motion places the lashes in front of your eyes, instead of to the side, so your lashes are more noticeable and alluring.”

Do you have a job like a dishwasher and your nails aren’t looking that great because you are exposed to water so much, yet you either don’t want to or unable to afford a manicure at a salon. You can have more convenience and it is cheaper to do your nails at home. Get two washcloths that are damp and put them into the microwave 5-10 seconds Make sure they are damp BEFORE you put them in the microwave then put some handcream in a massaging motion and take the two damp, warm wash cloths one over each hand. Celebrity Manicurist Patricia Yankee says, ” As you relax for a few minutes, the heat from the washcloths helps the cream penetrate your skin making your hands feel amazingly soft.”

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