What’s your perfect type of Bra?

Bras are a basic essential in our daily outfit. Buying them is like a ritual in itself. It’s the coming-of-age experience for the adolescents.

I remember when I was Eleven Years old when I decided to buy my own underwear. With no clue I was confused whether I should get a strapless bra? What size should I choose? Would a padded one be better than something thin? Because of my confusion, I ended up buying nothing. Although I wanted to be independent and experience the shopping myself, I cannot help but ask the help of my mom and went back to the store with her. She told me that Bras come in various styles for different purpose.

So what are the different types of bra? To help you find the perfect one for you, read on below:

• Training Bras or Adolescence Bras. This is the type you should first buy when you start developing breasts. It’s usually made out of soft fabric with no cups or wires. The purpose of this is to make yourself get used to the idea of wearing bras. Once you get sues to using it , you can level up to using light support or full support ones. Others call it Baby Bra since most of the users are those in their early teen years.

• Light Support Bras. These are a little bit contoured than training bras but still they do not have underwire. This has less constricting and more comfortable to wear. These are highly recommended for girls with smaller breasts making it look unflattering. Some designs come with soft pads or no pads at all.

• Sports bras. This is a must when one is engage in physical activity, especially athletic activities. One does not feel any pain or uneasiness because they keep the breasts from moving . Breasts are fragile and delicate female organs thus they need to be protected from high impact activities. One famous brand is ambra bras , they supply adjustable sports bra If you are playing tennis, volleyball, running in the track just simple doing aerobics exercises you have to own and wear a sports bra.

• Full Support Bras. These are the ones you should use when you go deeper into womanhood. They usually have under-wire or a plastic bone which helps hold breasts up. They come in a variety of cup sizes, classified as A, B, C, and D, with each having specific measurements under them. Like light support bras, they maybe unpadded or padded or even strapless.

As a woman, I would recommend you to invest in stylish underwear. I have a collection of bras and panties in various styles, designs, colour and brand but my favourite are my ambra tops. I love them because of its fabric which is just right for my sensitive skin. How about you? What’s your lost love type and brand?

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