When “Beauty” is No Longer Healthy

A reminder before choosing an exercise or diet program.

Leaf through the latest fashion magazines, browse the web for the latest fashion trends, and the sad fact will stare you in the face. Today’s standard of beauty is not healthy.

Kate Upton is just the latest super model to be labeled “too fat”. I hope somebody tells the 20-year-old that fashion legend and super-model Heidi Klum herself was once labeled “too fat”.

The one thing to remember before embarking on any exercise or diet program is, do not take advice from bulimic fashion editors who make unrealistic standards for beauty. Diet and exercise for health. Not for beauty. Certainly not the photoshopped standards the fashion industry is pushing.

The unrealistic standard is actually designed to make you feel bad. Why? So they can sell their products that they say will make you feel good. And that is the lie. It is the industry, after all, that sells skin whitening products to brown-skinned people, but on the flipside will sell tanning solutions to fair-skinned people.

For as long as the fashion industry is in the business of selling, the standard for beauty will never be attainable. Consumers who are happy and content do not need to buy stuff.

Do not buy into the lie. Choose the right program. Exercise and diet for health. Real beauty is healthy.

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