Which Part of Your Body Would You Change?

Have you ever thought of altering any part of your physical attributes, which and why?

 “If you have the chance to change any part of your body, which one it shall be?” This common question has been asked several times in various beauty pageants. The same question was even asked to Ms. Angola during the Ms. Universe 2011 Q & A portion?

If I were asked this same question my honest answer is this:

 “I know that I have so many imperfections as far as my physical attributes are concerned. If I were to follow my heart and mind and were given the chance to have all my physical imperfections changed, then there would be too many.  I would have wanted to be taller, my legs to be longer, my skin to be fairer, my nose to be higher, my hair to be thicker, my eyes to be brighter, and my lips to be redder.  Surely, after having changed these imperfections I would still wish for more.  However, as I delved deeper I realized that I need not change any of these physical imperfections. I need not care too much about these because even if I get physical perfection what everlasting benefit would I get?  Beauty is not forever. One day soon, just as the flower withers, beauty also does. My physical beauty will someday soon surrender to old age.  Beauty is vain.  If therefore beauty is vain then why would I worry so much about this vain thing? I realized I don’t even need to change any part of my body because my God who created me is a God who never makes mistakes.  He created everything beautiful in His time and so I being one of His creations am beautiful. I am created in the image of His son Jesus and I am His masterpiece.  I therefore need not worry about these imperfections neither should I change any of these. God created me with these because He knows what is best for me. Instead of working on how to attain physical beauty I would rather just strive to attain inner beauty because this is where God looks first and foremost. I should therefore focus my mind on how to please my God instead of how to please the world.”

 After having said my piece it is now your turn? If you have the money and the procedure is possible, which part of your body would you change?

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