Who is More Beautiful? A Boy or a Girl? Lets Find The Answer!

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It is very hard to reply who is more beautiful whether a girl or a boy. I think it is a debatable question. I will give you some effects to find the answer of this question. It is mostly found that girls say they are more beautiful while boys say they are more beautiful. But in reality boys are more attractive for girls and oppositely girls are more attractive for boys. It is the truth that we do not have a strict definition of beauty. The criteria of beauty changes from region to region and country to country. Some people like while color while other like black color skin. So people like tall height while other like medium height. Some boys like slim girls while other like some fatty girls. Some girls like boys that are muscular and hard body while other girls like boys that are handsome and slim. Some boys like girls with thin lips while other say large lips are the beauty sign of women. It means that there is no definition of beauty? Actually beauty lies in your eyes. Boys and girls both are beautiful. You can comment whether you are agree with my thinking or not. What you think? Let’s share!

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