Why is Make Up So Expensive Now

Its lucky if you get one item cheaper for a woman to look nice.

I Was shocked to see how much makeup as gone up in price in such small bottles and tubes.

Why they know that woman can’t do without make up and it makes blood boil to see the prices.

Even the value doesn’t look cheap either Why do put the prices is it the items that go into it

when were not sure what is in the product  and is it still been tested on animals and is it really safe knowing that some make up gives our skin rashes.

Even if we have go on line we then have to pay for the postage its so bad the only way we can get cheaper

make up is to either get them on the market not knowing the brand or in the sale its all wrong.

We should be able to get our make up a lot cheaper to look good or should we have look pale face natural

which isn’t a bad thing once in a while .

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