Winter 2012 Makeup Trends

A look at how you can mix and match your Summer 2012 makeup for Winter 2012 trends!

Although winter would appear to be a long way off, it might just be time to get your makeup bag out and transform it for the right colors and shades that will take you right through – summer into winter. Thankfully, you will see from Latest Makeup Trends and Summer 2012 Makeup Trends, that the colors are somewhat similar, so too much change is not going to be needed! Pinks, pastels and bright shades can be mixed and matched for the summer months but in reality you cannot get away with such bright looks for the winter. Thankfully, these are easily changed to meet the winter expectations, especially when you consider that you can often mix two or more of your summer shades together to create the perfect Winter 2012 makeup trends. 

First of all, pink shades of lipstick can be mixed with darker shades for a plum shade that goes well in every winter season. Matte is usually the trend for winter, but this doesn’t mean that you have to go for it and you can always apply your summer lip gloss over the top for a more glitzy effect. The same really applies for the eye makeup. Pinks are very much in right now for the summer, but when you add plum shades to the eye socket and a bit of black eyeliner, the look can easily be worked with any winter outfit for almost any occasion.

The most basic way to look at winter makeup trends for 2012 is to look at the stuff that you wore for the autumn of 2011. The look is pretty much the same – plums and greens combined with smoky grey eyes, and plenty of eye liner. Why not try incorporating this with the summer makeup that you have for a look that is slightly more unique, but still fashionable, and is bound to get heads turning for all of the right reasons!

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