21st Century Horror: Beware of Obesity

Truth is, the world has arrived at a point where the children can simply not control the intake of non-nutritious food. Fill the fridge with apples, get rid of fatteners, and exercise.

Look deep into your inner mind. What do you see when you take a quick glance at these two kids? If i am not mistaken, your thoughts are similar to mine. Yes. This is a huge problem. In the states, as well as in many other developed countries.

Think about a day in the life of an overweight kid. The alarm clock suddenly blasts away at six in the morning. The kid awakes, and just manages to get up by rolling out of bed. Three stories below him, a loud thud surprises the habitants. The kid gets dressed, and walks to the kitchen. There he makes himself a hot chocolate, some poptarts, snickers, and mars bars, and just in case he’d get hungry on the way to the schoolbus which is about two minutes away, he has to take a tootsie roll with him. A few minutes later, he leaves for the bus, goes to school, and returns eight hours later. First things first, homework has got to be finished. Then comes the unforgettable time waster, meaning T.V. He slumps back on the couch, after getting soda and chips, and starts watching T.V. About 6 hours later, he goes to bed. So basically, the most excercise the kid did was going to school and returning. That would probably neutralize about half of a snicker bar.

Fact is, kids do not do enough excercise to neutralize the amount of food intake, non nutritionous food of course. Why are we not doing anything against that? Do we enjoy it, when we can take our kids to the overweight clothing department? Do they enjoy being harrassed by class”mates” for their idiotic behavior? The statistics below actually show how bad off we are. Almost 20 percent of children are overweight. The biggest increase in the horrifying number being between the late 80’s and, well, now!

People! Get up, stop eating crap, and run around like hell!

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  1. Great, honest article. You are doing a good job educating the world. Keep up the good work.

    For the first time in human history life expectancy may decrease because of premature deaths due to obesity. Currently cigeratte smoke is the major killer. Obesity is rapidly catching up with deaths from smoking.

  2. I agree with Shergill. Good Job.

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