3D Harms Your Eyes

Opticians warn and discourage the purchase of modern TV.

Opticians and experts warn of massive purchase of 3D screens and frequent monitoring of 3D movies using special glasses. The human eye is accommodation, adaptation, 3D technologies under heavy pressure, which can impair vision, cause health problems including headaches and nausea. Ever, most said the 3D technology can affect the eyes of young children, whose vision is not yet fully developed.

3D optician, increasing sales

You have five years to degrade eyes 3D technology, and we then another 20 years
we’ll manage. Opticians can actually thank the 3D technology. 3D technology offers viewers a three-dimensional image makes it possible to see scenes filmed but not the desktop, but in all their depth. Is used by many different methods. One way to ensure distribution of the image on the left and right eye by different polarization of light, another by color modulation. 3D technology has to be according to experts in the coming years, the driving force in cinema audience. Although manufacturers of TV sets with 3D image point aggressively advertising sales, according to experts in the world still relatively weak. Brake is a need to be fitted with glasses, batteries, still a small number of 3D films and this is consumer complaints about eye strain, headaches and dizziness.

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