An Act of Kindness..

A story of a great deed…

An act of kindness can be anything, done for a good cause. It can be helping an elderly, feeding a poor, charity to the needy or even planting a tree in your society as an individual. Doing something for someone’s benefit can make a huge difference, if not for everyone, at least for that one person.

The story I’m about to narrate isn’t all about me, but someone very close I knew, whose one act of generosity changed someone’s life entirely…

Many years ago, a woman used to visit our house, asking for money. She was poor and had nothing to support herself and her family. Every month she would go from door to door, begging.

On one such day, my grandmother who was familiar with this woman, gave her a good amount of money, telling her to do something valuable with it and avoid begging. Later that month, the woman came again, this time carrying a huge sack over her shoulder; she reached our door, rang the bell and greeted my grandmother with a huge smile. Finding her begging again, granny was about to go inside to get money when she saw the sack the woman was carrying and waited. The woman opened the sack to reveal different types of edible food items, which are mostly found in markets far from our house.

She had put that money to good use! My granny was surprised, but happy to know what the woman had used the money for. Now she wouldn’t have t beg anymore and could earn by selling this stuff to people so they wouldn’t have to go to markets for them. It was great, indeed, on both sides.

The woman still visited our house every month, and my grandmother would always buy something or the other for us kids. It’s been years to that now and her condition have been changed from rags to proper clothes over the time.

My grandmother passed away a few months ago, and it was surprising to discover how much she had done for people like that woman. A huge number of people, rich and poor were present at her funeral. She was loved and is missed by all. When that woman got to know of her demise, she visited us to offer her condolences. That’s when I found out her story and the generosity of my late grandmother.

It fills my eyes with tears to know how someone can do so much for others and never mention it even once. Now that she’s gone, her deeds live in the hearts of us all. Me and my mother now follow her steps and continue what she left behind. Its a heart warming feeling to see that woman every month and be reminded of my grandmother for her kindness. We realize how one’s actions can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

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