Author Stephen King Dead at 64

Author Stephen King Dead At 64.


     Only one person has sold more books in the last 30 years than Stephen King…. and that’s God. (the bible) 

     Perhaps the premier author of our time passed away quietly in his Maine home Monday morning of a rare form of cancer of the brain commonly known as Captain Trips.

     King rose to fame in the late 1970’s as a horror and fantasy writer, and has written more than 50 books since, selling more than 350 million copies world wide.

     King is survived by his wife Tabitha, also a noted author, and his two children, Owen and Naomi, a minister.

     In a statement issued Monday morning, King’s agent said the author passed with his family present, and thanked his fans for their loyalty and support for the family during the illness.

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  1. ~_~,

  2. he didnt die, and if he did, bury him in the pet cemetary

  3. Hey dumb fucks, who wrote this? Stephen King is still very much alive.

  4. Holy shit im a faggot.

  5. Stephen king and Herman Wouk is still alive.

  6. I wonder eactly how ignorant you have to be to be posting fake obits.

  7. Captain Tripps was the name of the plague in his book The Stand for you non-readers.

  8. Captain Tripps was the name of the plague in his book The Stand for you non-readers.

  9. This article, obviously, reflects the author’s frustration at the deplorable fact that when he dies, no Stephen King or anyone else will notice.

  10. This info would have been on the front page of the news. Duh! Cheap shot here.

  11. This is terrible! Why would you write something like this?!? How would YOU feel if people went about spreading such lies about YOU?!

  12. Plus SK has three kids not two! Joe Hill (King). Why would you post such rubbish. I see also a post of Madonna dying. Not!

  13. ~_~

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