Benefits of Child Meditation

Teaching children to meditate will reap lifelong rewards.

If we could give our children the gift of positive expression, increased self-esteem, improved focus, better reading skills, better health and more harmonic relationships with family, peers and teachers, would we?

Of course we would. It is every parent’s desire to see their children as happy and secure in themselves as possible. Who wouldn’t jump at an opportunity to provide their children with the tools necessary to reap the rewards of a well-balanced life?

In Sensational Meditation for Children, author and child meditation facilitator, Sarah Wood Valley, has uncovered a valuable curriculum that will benefit children of all ages. By teaching children to meditate, you open their world to limitless advantages that will carry them through life.

Valley has created a method of teaching meditation to children that is not only simple, but fun as well. By facilitating meditation through fun and games, children enjoy the experience and look forward to repeating the process.

Meditation will help your child focus, experience the mind/body connection and rejuvenate her spirits. Studies show the practice of meditation synchronizes our right and left-brain hemispheres’ wave patterns. When these hemispheres are in sync, they communicate better with one another, Valley explains, allowing us more clarity and focus.

Children who meditate have higher test scores than children who do not. As studies on the academic benefits of meditation increase, it’s no wonder schools in Connecticut, Georgia, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles and Ontario, Canada are incorporating meditation into either their classrooms or counseling sessions. The American Heart Association, the National Institute of health, Chrysler and General Motors are funding these programs that help schools hire professional meditation instructors.

“Students are sold because my approach is fun. Parents are grateful because the techniques I teach really do help their children focus, have better relationships and overcome their challenges. I push no dogmatic concepts or strict disciplines. Instead, I teach straightforward meditation techniques from all over the world,” says Valley.

Tobin Hart, Ph.D., a university professor, psychologist and author of The Secret Spiritual World of Children, endorses Valley’s approach to teaching. According to Hart, there is a monumental social movement developing in which people are recognizing the importance of the spiritual life of young people.

Hart explains that one key dimension of this movement is what has been called MindScience – the cultivation of inner technologies of the mind through such practices as meditation. Sensational Meditation for Children is a valuable resource that provides explanations and exercises for nourishing the minds of children, Hart states. “The emphasis is on meditation that particularly opens the power of imagination through what Sarah Wood Valley calls “sensational meditations,” emphasizing the richness of children senses, whether in uncovering new ideas, creative journeying or positive mental rehearsal.”

Sensational Meditation for Children is filled with exercises and guidance to empower our children and is written for parents and educators who are either new to meditation or seasoned pros.

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