Beware of Weight Five Symptoms Pain in Children 2012

Do not underestimate a child suffering from high fever, stiff neck, reddish spots, abdominal pain and headache. It may be that this is a symptom that can develop into serious disease.

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“If the child looks very weak when suffering from symptoms of illness, parents should call the doctor or take him to a hospital emergency room,” said Barton Schmitt, MD, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital Call Center Aurora, Colorado.

 Schmitt reminds parents to trust her instincts to go to the ER or the pediatrician. And, parents should also not think would be ridiculed or will not produce anything with a visit to the doctor. Anticipation is better than waiting for something to happen and make a lifetime of regret.

High fever and Older

When a child has a fever and flushed with the heat, you should look at the development of the child. Other symptoms that indicated it is important rather than rely on a number thermometers.

A recent study in the journal Pediatrics found that one in four parents give their children a fever medication when the child’s body temperature less than 37.7 C. Despite the doctor has advised treatment when the temperature reaches 38.4 C and above. This is not recommended, but when children begin to have problems with eating and drinking should immediately take the child to the nearest hospital.

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