Causes of Eye Swelling After Crying

Do You Ever Cry Till Your Eyes Puffy, Why do You Think Your Eyes are Swollen After Crying, This Article Will Explain all To You and How to Cope.

Crying is not just venting feelings. Crying is a response to touching the heart by an incident. Meaning that shed tears when crying is an expression of the feelings of happiness, sadness disappointment as well. Crying is a boon to the heart of life and human nature to always be aware that such a beautiful, but weak and powerless over the forces of the Almighty. Be a reflection of the absence of limitations as well, nothing is perfect in the world and no mortal keabadiaan above, all of which has a soul will perish.

Apparently there are two causes of puffy eyes after crying.

  1. Tear fluid contains a salt that causes the eyes to become red and the blood vessels beneath the thin skin of the eyes dilate. These conditions make the eyes look swollen after crying.
  2. When the cry was increasing blood flow in the area that triggers facial swelling on the skin under the eyes.

When feelings of sadness or other emotional triggered, then the nerve will transmit signals to the brain which then proceed to the lacrimal (glands that produce tears to function).

Ways to overcome them:

  1. Shed some eye drops to overcome redness and reduce inflammation of blood vessels in the eye.
  2. Provide a cold compress on the eye, for example by using a towel soaked in cold water or ice cubes placed in the plastic. Not just a cold compress to reduce swelling but also helps reduce numbness, pain and illness.
  3. Lletakkan slices of cucumber (high water content is nearly 90 per cent), potatoes or compress with tea bags (with caffeine which helps constrict blood vessels).
  4. Should compress when the body lying or sitting position with his head higher, let the eye compress for 10 minutes.
  5. Eating plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Keeping your body hydrated is one way to reduce eye puffiness, and the water helps to drain the fluid buildup under the eyes.
  6. Avoid salty foods after crying, because foods usually contain sodium salt and excess sodium can increase water retention that causes the eyes to become more swollen.
  7. If no use is also reduced anti-inflammatory cream or cream containing caffeine to shrink the blood vessels under the eyes so that the swelling is reduced. Apply with your ring finger gently on the skin under the eyes.
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