Child Tale Maintenance Mummification

Child Tale Maintenance Mummification.

Two-year-old young lady was known as Rosalia Lombardo. He passed away of pneumonia in 1920 and to date his body was still complete located in a cup box, in the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Italia.

To discover out why her body was still complete and perfect, Dario Piombino-Mascali, a scientific anthropologist from the Company for Mummies and the Iceman in Bolzano, Italia tried to decide. Last year, as revealed from, he then make the cross on blood operations Rosalia.

Piombino-Mascali discover family members Rosalia, Alfredo Salafia, who was living as an professional taksidermis chemical type preservative chemicals or creature. He soft Sicilian who passed away in 1933. Found a newspaper that shows that the Salafia input substances into your body of Rosalia.

The chemical type is an assortment of formalin, zinc oxide salt, alcoholic beverages, salicylic p, and glycerin. Formalin which is indeed often used to retain corpses together with chemicals and water to eliminate all microorganisms cause creature meat to rot.

The use of alcoholic beverages in dry areas will provide to sustain Rosalia’s body to continue to be complete and immune to heat range changes and moisture. While glycerin, stops skin becomes dry and salicylic p works to avoid pattern development. Salafia first person known to use an assortment of these substances, for embalming systems.

Then, according to Brian Jackson Williams, management manager of the National Community of Embalmers, zinc oxide salt become a key factor in embalming Rosalia. This material makes Rosalia’s body so it is very hard.

“(Zinc) Making your body firm. You can eliminate it from the dog crate and he (Rosalia) will be able to stand up,” Williams said.

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