Childcare’s Grand Opening Whispering Services

I graduated from childcare management classes. I may have something you need to hear, Listen close I may only need to whisper.

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God inspired this article. I take childcare seriously. I take care of children from time to time. I’ve either been told I’m a baby whisperer, or a toddler whisperer.

People call me these names, because I’ve been able to calm a child when no one else could. I see potential in children just by looking at them.

The secret behind children is only found when a childcare given can see the smallest drop of creativity in a child, and blow this creativity to the highest level.

Children just need parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, and friends, to help them develop into God’s creative geniuses.

Geniuses can be a straight A students, to someone who has been diagnoses with A.D.H.D. Genius are really just everyday children who have been taught how use their imagination and let all their creativity shine through.

I love children, and I hope it shows. I called this article,’ Childcare Grand opening whispering services, because. I want to help others see really all the potential God has bestowed upon them. One child may love music, however has a mental disability. This child may have a secret message that God has placed on him for us to unfold.

Children who have the slightest disability, to the worst disability can teach us all about the fruits of the spirit, which are talked about in the Bible.  These are the spirits of patients, and understand, but most of all love.

Come along with me, tell me about someone who is challenged, or just is under your childcare. Let me know if I can help you.

I might just have a whisper left for you. Then you can whisper the secret of loving guidance right back to the child you want to whisper words of success right back at you.

I’ve used several methods of teaching that has proved successful in every child I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.

I’m just a humble childcare provider. I have no license yet. I just find children fascinating. I feel they all have something unique to teach this world, or they simply wouldn’t be here. 

If you need a little advice, you know jewelsofmine is available. Just leave a comment or leave me a message, and I will whisper words of hope, that will help your children look and explore through their own ,’Alice in Wonderland,’ looking glass. A child’s mind will imagine as high as the highest mountain top, if one only cares.

Now! Let’s create a star today.

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  1. well done

  2. Childcare is very important. A good childcare can nurture the child with love, caring and patience. Great work!

  3. Nice inspiring words, children will really need all the help while they get the feel of what the world is like.

  4. A thought provoking piece of work. Well done.

  5. I sure can see and read the heart of help in your post. TX

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