Crying is for The Weak. are You Sure?

Tears; it was psychologically proven that if the first drop of your tears comes out from your right eye, it is tears of happiness, otherwise, it is tears of pain or sorrow.

have you ever watch an emotional movie and weep over the movie? or have you ever get too frustrated or stressed out until you feel like crying out?

how emotional are you? how often do you shed your tears? but i am sure most of us have shed our tears before, apart from our baby period. 

some people might think that crying is for the weak. but think again. what is the use of the tear ducts in our eyes? yes. it is to keep our eyes moisturize and protect our eyes from dust. this is also known as the basal tears. 

so, you still think that crying is only for this reason? think again. what is your first language before you ever learn to talk? yes. crying. you express your emotion through crying before you even learn the phonics. when you are hungry or sad or angry, you will cry. that’s what most baby do. basically, we can say that crying is part of communication. 

have you ever heard that crying can makes you feel better? to what extent do you believe the statement? do you know that emotional tears secretes different type of chemicals? one of it is manganese which is said to relieve tension by balancing the body’s stress level. it is also said that tears are able to eliminate toxin from the body. 

don’t be scared to cry out your emotion. crying is a normal thing for human being. from cleansing the eyes to relieveing stress to conveying message to other people about how we feel. therefore, crying is not for the weak. 

but if you still think crying is for the weak, have you ever cry after a good laugh. does that makes  you weak now? 

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