Diaper Rash Home Treatment: How to Use Cornstarch for Diaper Rash

Using cornstarch for diaper rash can help to reduce your baby’s discomfort.

How to Effectively Apply Cornstarch for Diaper Rash

The first step in using this remedy involves cleaning your baby’s skin. Always wash their pelvic area using clean water after you remove a dirty diaper. Do not rub the skin or use any harsh soaps since these will cause further irritation. Use a soft towel to gently pat the surface and remove excess moisture.

Place your little one under a fan for a few minutes. Position them so that the breeze hits their upper thighs and can quickly remove excess moisture. If you do not have a fan nearby, you must allow the area to air dry for a few minutes. Once it is dry you can lightly sprinkle the region with cornstarch for diaper rash treatment. Some persons recommend cotton diapers, since these are more breathable and trap less moisture.


Some people make a paste out of the powder and apply this to the region; however this reduces the effectiveness of cornstarch for nappy rash. If the starch has already started to absorb water, it means that it will be not be able to dry up as much sweat off your baby’s skin. Using the powdery form of this substance is better. You can use what is currently available in your kitchen, go to the supermarket and get a package or purchase a commercial product made for this application.

If you need to travel with your baby, you can add cornstarch for diaper rash treatments to an empty powder bottle. This way you can have it with you on the road and apply it with no mess or inconvenience. You can easily sprinkle it on just like baby powder whenever you change your son or daughter.


Parents who have used cornstarch for diaper rash rate it very highly. They use it in place of baby powder because it performs the same job. After you have applied cornstarch for diaper rash for a few days, it will dry the bumps right up. Parents who are concerned about their little one absorbing talc prefer this alternative. Since it does not contain any perfumes, it is also less likely than perfumed powders to trigger an allergic reaction.

If you want to reduce moisture and friction, apply cornstarch for diaper rash. Always wash away the old layer whenever you change diapers. If you are concerned about your child inhaling powder and developing breathing problems, this remedy avoids that problem as well. When you use cornstarch for diaper rash, those are the positive results that you will get.

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How to Treat Diaper Rash

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Corn starch: a good source of calcium! (Photo credit: Francis Storr)

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