Feeding Baby Solids : 10 Very Useful Websites

I have compiled a list of websites that give very useful tips and information about introducing food to babies. These sites also provide easy baby recipes and their nutritional values. These websites also serves as a guide to new parents or parents to are unsure of what food to feed to their babies at different stages. Some of these baby food sites provide weekly meal planner for parents’ convenience.

Introducing solids to babies can be very challenging. All babies are different. Some babies get used to eating faster than others. Feeding babies solids and getting them to eat consistently is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and perseverance to get your baby successfully on solids.



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Meal time must be made fun and enjoyable to babies. Babies like varieties; therefore we must be creative in preparing their meals.

To make feeding both enjoyable and convenient to moms, moms could prepare large quantities of purees and freeze for later use. Mommies need not stress themselves by preparing all the baby meals at home. Mommies could use the readymade bottled baby foods are available for some of the babies meals.

Below is a list of websites of easy baby recipes and meal planners.













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