Fit to be Kids

Ensure that your kids are involved in physical activity, or else you risk having unfit children.

Children of today, especially those between the ages of five and ten, are plugging into television like never before. The ten to fourteen years old are glued to the computer, surfing or chatting on the internet, or playing computer games. They are into everything but EXERCISE. Exercise is very vital to the general fitness of a growing child. Being unfit can lead to heart problems, cancer and diabetes later in life.

Today’s school-going children are turning into couch potatoes. Long gone are the days when parents sent eager children to parks to play ball. To add to the situation, we have lethargy promoting devices and equipment all around us – cars, elevators, and remote controls, which have restricted us from taking natural forms of exercise.

In addition to it, television commercials are promoting fast foods and high calorie foods like pasta, chocolate, soda and the like. This has resulted in more children becoming overweight than ever before. Of course, some mothers are happy to see their children getting chubby and plump. But obesity in children can be life threatening in the years to come.

It is essential to ensure that our kids have half an hour to one hour of daily activity, which can be considered as fit exercise for kids. Children seek adequate models from whom to learn and play their future roles. The most accessible models are, of course, parents and other members of the immediate family. Children of active parents are more active and they continue to be so throughout life. There’s a message in that for you. So as parents, we should encourage the child to:

  • Make after school exercise a routine.

  • Put a limit on the time your children may watch tv, play computer games and surf the internet every day.

  • Become more active yourself; the children will follow your lead.

  • Talk about exercise with your children. Make them aware that fitness is a must for healthy life.

  • Let kids try out different options – running, jogging, cycling, swimming, playing games like basketball, volleyball etc. let them choose what they life and enjoy doing the most.

  • Let the kids participate in races – at school, at picnics, in the neighborhood.

  • Encourage children to walk short distances, rather than ride.

  • On vacation, incorporate physical activities such as rowing, hiking or swimming into the daily schedule.

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