Food for All People

Different Nutrient Needs.

No matter how young or how old people are,they all need the same kinds of nutrients.For example,people who do a lot of hard physical work usually need more nutrients than people are less active.Also,people getting over an illness or an injury may need more nutrient called iron most men do.Fruits helps the body get enough vitamin C.Vitamin C is needed for healthy gums and body tissues.Oranges,grapefruit,and tangerines are citrus fruits.What over citrus fruits do you know of?

Preschool children may need snacks between meals.One reason for this is that they usually do not eat very much at a time.Another reason is that a preschool child uses a lot of energy.Snacks should not be the usual snack.

School age years. Boys and girls of school age need to eat the same kinds of food that preschool children eat.But school-age children will probably need even larger helping than preschool children need.

A school child often has time to eat breakfast or lunch when he or she feel ready.But,a school-age child usually has to eat these meals at a certain time.School-age children also have less time for snacking than preschool children do.Because of these things,it is important for school-age children to always eat a healthful breakfast lunch.

Teenage years. Teenage years,like the first of life,are a time of growing fast.Teenage years also a very busy time.Teenagers usually take part in a number of after school activities.Sports and part time jobs are two such activities.

Growing fast and being very active give many teenagers a big appetite.They may seem to always be hungry and to always be eating.But just eating is not enough.Teenagers,like all people,need to eat a variety of foods to get the nutrients they need.Teenagers should eat regular meals and not just depend on snacks.What,do you think,might happen to a person who depended only on snacks for nutrients?

Adult years

Most adults do not need as much food as most teenagers need.Adults need less food because they have stopped growing.For,example,adults usually need less milk than teenagers need because adult bones and teeth have stopped growing.

Because their bodies need less food than they once did,adults may gain weight.To keep their weight down,they may have to eat less of certain foods.People who want to keep their weight down,they may have to eat less of certain foods.People who want to keep their weight down usually eat less sugar,candy,jelly,and soft drinks.

Advanced adulthood years.

When an adult reaches about age 65,he or she is said to be in advanced adulthood.Most people in advanced adulthood need even less food than in early adult years.Some people in advanced adulthood cannot eat the same kinds of food that they once did.One reason might be illness.Another reason mights be problems with their teeth.

Eating the right amount of right foods can help make persons of each age healthy.

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