Four Educational Resources to Promote Healthy Kids (Part 1)

Today’s adult society is full of obesity but children are not excluded. The choice is ours as parents to promote a more healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our children. These health materials will help to uncover some simple and fun ways to encourage our kids (and us too maybe) to live more healthier.

Obesity as a whole is affecting the entire nation, more so Americans. We live a fast-paced life filled with instant and on-demand foods and services, with little or no time to really slow down and concentrate on our health. And it’s affecting our children as well, with fast food drive-thru’s, microwave meals and snack-attack eating’s.

Not being a dietician, nutritionist or anything else related, I am just a wife and mother who is becoming more aware of the importance of living a more healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. After discovering these vital health resources listed by the USDA, I decided to share the information with others who may have the same feelings I do. Some of the health material may be available for download or purchase.

1. ABC for Fitness (Activity Bursts in the Classroom)by David L. Katz – this provides guidance for school teachers on how to add small bits of physical activity during the school day, indoors and out.

2. Active Start: A Statement of Physical Activity Guidelines for Children from Birth to Age 5 by The National Association for Sport and Physical Education – it details guidelines for providing the correct amount of physical activity in kids and babies.

3. 8 Applications for Health by Food and Communications, Inc. – this programs details lesson plans for exercise, eating out, beverages and controlling food portions.

4. Eat! Move! Play! A Parents Guide for Raising Healthy, Happy Kids by Weight Watchers – this is a guide book for parents to teach their children on how to develop a more positive body image, how to choose healthier foods, and how to exercise more regularly; also comes with recipes.

These 4 resources are just the first of a list of 24 more to come. I hope one or more of these materials will help you to discover some interesting ways to make living more healthier for your children. Remember they are our future generation and we want them to be around to see and enjoy it. Cheers to a healthy body and life! :)


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