How Should I Store My Chemicals to Keep My Child Safe?

Modern households need chemicals, generally for cleaning purposes, but these chemicals carry a risk. How should your chemicals be stored so that they don’t present a real risk to the health and wellbeing of your children? This article investigates how to store your chemicals in order to keep your child safe.

Almost every home contains cleaning and other assorted chemicals, these can be for anything from removing garden weeds to cleaning the hub caps of your carn. Keeping chemicals can pose a risk to your children, unless they are properly stored. What follows are guidelines to keeping chemicals and minimising the risk to your children. 

1. The best options with chemicals is to keep them out of the house entirely. Do you have a garden shed? A garage? Then why not keep the chemicals out of childrens sight, out of childrens minds. This is the best option available. 

2. Failing the outdoors option, then the next best thing is to keep them up high. So many people use the cupboard under the sink as a storage place for chemicals, but this is very risky since those cupboards are usually at a perfect height for your child to get into. 

3. If you can raise up the storage area, then at least put some kind of lock on it! You need to something to perminantly block your childs sight of chemicals. 

4. Dont put fluids into other bottles. This may seem obvious but its essential. Children like to drink everything, even more so when its in a bottle of their favourite soft drink. Bottles containing chemicals should be clearly marked to ensure that everyone knows which ones are posioness. 

these rules form the core of a comprehensive guide to keeping your baby healhty, especially regarding the storage of chemicals. 

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