How to Get Rid of an Earache Without Going to The Doctor

Earaches can be painful and pesky. The health condition can affect anyone of any age. There are several ways how to get rid of an earache. However, before discovering the methods that work, it is good to have an understanding of why earaches occur in the first place.

 There are several different problems that can result in pain.  One of the most common is water trapped in the ear canal, in a condition known as swimmer’s ear.  If the earache develops soon after bathing or swimming, swimmer’s ear may be the problem.  In addition, this problem can develop in those who live in humid conditions.  Bacteria can also grow in the ear canal, resulting in an ear infection.

Once the individual knows what causes the painful problem with the ears, the next step is learning to stop the pain.  The following remedies may be helpful.


Tylenol is one of the more common recommendations to eliminate an earache.  The medication is sold over the counter that helps to keep earache suffers free of pain and comfortable until the problem subsides.  If providing the medication for a child, it is important to pay attention to eh dosage provided.  Doctors can provide more information on the amount for the child.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil has been used as a home remedy for earaches for many years.  The oil works best for swimmer’s ear.  Since the ear canal is moist, it provides a friendly environment for bacteria to grow.  Bacteria growth is an infection that results in pain.

Mineral oil can reduce the amount of water in the ear, making it difficult for bacteria to survive.  Mineral oil should not be used by those with a perforated ear drum as it could have harmful consequences.


Auralgan offers an alternative to oral medications.  This low-grade anesthetic is applied directly to the ear canal.  It can be found in most grocery and drug stores and is effective at providing pain relief without having to take any pills.

Warm Compress

Many earache sufferers turn to warm compresses to relieve the pressure in the ear canal along with pain.  This method forms an easy at home treatment.  Use warm water to fill the sink, and soak a towel.  Wring the towel, fold it to a square shape and press firmly against the ear.


Decongestants are sold over the counter and work in a method similar to a warm compress to provide relief.  A dose can relieve pressure that builds I the ear, causing the pain to subside.

When to See a Doctor

When suffering from an earache, some people will need help from their doctor.  If you try one or more of the home remedies and do not find relief, if the pain becomes more intense or the ear continues aching for more than just a few days, it is best to ask for a doctor’s opinion.  If the doctor provides antibiotics, it is important to complete the entire prescription, even if the pain is improved.

According to Peter Went, specializing in hearing aids Oklahoma City residents can depend on, “Earaches that are left unchecked can result in serious hearing problems.” It is important to nip this pesky health problem in the bud right away. 

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