How to Help Your Newborn Poop

Gross but works.

Babies are typically great poopers, as they get older they go from pooping every feeding to only pooping every 5-7 days. It is quite normal for babies to not have to go every day, but if you’re like me and worry about it well then I have the solution for you.

Our doctor told us about Q-tipping

Now this is extremely gross but I swear it works…

What you’ll need:: Make sure they are all within grabbing range once you get started

- Q-tips


-Wet Wipes

-Extra Diapers

We typically do this in the bath tub because once the juices get flowing they tend to be explosive.

Take the baby and lay him/her down on a towel in the bathtub.  Make sure they are stripped down to a diaper, just to make sure they won’t get their clothing dirty.

Undo the diaper but don’t take it off. 

Put the tips of the Q-tips into the Vaseline and get a good coating on the tops. 

Grab the babies legs and hold them up, slowly insert the top of the q-tip into his rectum.  Don’t put it in there too far or else you might hurt the baby.  Once it’s inside gently move it around to spread the vaseline.  After that press gently down, the baby will feel the pressure down there and start to push. 

The added sensation of things down there help the baby to realize that they need to push to get it out.  Keep the q-tip inside them until you hear gas coming out (this is where my husband went wrong) Now you can remove the q-tip or you can wait (because believe me it will come out on it’s own).

Once everything comes out you will want to wash the baby off with the wet wipes and/or give them a bath. 

This method should help relieve the pressure your baby might be feeling. 

Good Luck!!

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