How to Keep Kids Free of Nits and Lice, Naturally

A step-by-step guide on keeping kids free from nits and lice without using chemicals.

It’s difficult these days keeping your kids totally free of nits and lice. I have found an easy, natural and cheap way to combat this nagging problem.

  1. Mix about 6 drops of tea tree essential oil into 100ml of water and keep this in a bottle with a spray top.
  2. Every morning before, or every afternoon after school, spray sections of the hair with this mixture and comb thoroughly with a nit comb. Search the hair occasionally to make sure you aren’t missing any bits.
  3. This sounds like hard work, but it takes just a few minutes and it does work. I have three kids, (two girls with immensely curly, waist-length hair) I wake up five minutes earlier each day to do this and have managed to keep my kids totally nit/lice free, since I started this nearly 2 years ago. A far cry from all the chemicals I had to use in the past.

If the hair dries out, a light serum, after the combing will put the sheen right back in.

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  1. Great tips, Anne..

  2. We just use tea tree oil shampoo and conditionner. Over 3 years with no issues

  3. Wonderful tips.

  4. thanks a lot for this helpful article Anne,

  5. great tips anne!

  6. I have kids also. I’ll try your tip for my 2 girls. Thanks.

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