How to Stop Wet Underarms

THis article explains on how to stop the excessive sweat in your underarms.

Everyone gets embarrassed if there underarms sweat a lot. There are so many causes of wet underarms and many remedies to fix them.   

What causes excessive underarm sweat?

There are so many things that cause wet underarms. A lot of people suffer from this problem because they have a larger sweat gland present in there arm pit then other people. Anxiety, stress, eating habits, and poor hygiene are a few other causes of sweaty underarms.

How to stop wet underarms?

If you eat unhealthy try eating right for at least 1 week see if it helps and if it doesn’t don’t abandon eating healthy. Eating healthy is a great thing to do to prevent you from getting sick, getting diabetes, and other deathly sicknesses.

 Are you usually constantly anxious or stressed? Anxiety and stress are 2 of the other major causes of underarm sweat. Try to not be so worried about work, kids, or whatever that worries you most. I know its easier said then done but you shouldn’t be worried about stuff so much anyway.

 People tend to sweat even more when they find out they are already sweating a lot in there arm pits. Other then getting worried you need to try to get it out of your mind and maybe go to the bathroom and dry it by lightly patting the sweat with a piece of soft toilet paper. Don’t ever use rough toilet paper or paper towels that will create a rash because the skin is damp already. Doing so would be like scrubbing your arm with sand paper which doesn’t sound to pleasant.

 Everyone should always demonstrate good personal hygiene. Make sure you use a wash rag that is not to rough but rough enough to get a good deep clean inside your pores. Other then using body gel try to use bar soap-Ivory or Dove I would suggest- if not for your whole body at least your arm pits and any where else that you suffer from excessive sweat.  

Tips on stopping wet underarms

#1: If your a female and have tried all the above solutions and still are suffering from wet underarms try to use men’s deodorant. Men’s deodorant is a lot stronger then females because most men don’t shave there underarms and more sweat seems to form on not shaven underarms. Just get some that doesn’t have a heavy scent to it if your worried abut the smell.

#2: If your suffering from wet underarms because of exercise this is normal and you should stop looking to see how to prevent it as you wont be able to. When you exercise you sweat mostly in the face and underarms.

#3: Some unscented deodorants are proven to work better then the scented ones.

#4: If you have really wet underarms 24/7 I would contact your doctor. Just for precautions.

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  1. Thanks For Sharing :)

  2. when i am 11 yrs. old.I suffer from wet underarm,i don’t know what cause of this..?IT loose all of my confidence..

  3. I also suffer from wet underarms and have found that 1-2Dry has helped. You can buy them online there underarm shields that absorb sweat. Since I began using them I don’t have the embarrassing stains.

  4. Michelle I use the same brand as well! I don’t know what stores have them, but i get my 1-2Dry underarm pads from their website.

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